You are a guide to NIHSUM... help her survive by earning life skill points.

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Michelle KirkMichelle Kirk  is the developer of the NIHSUM app, which is appropriate for all age levels, and is currently available on Google Play.  Future plans include an an iPad version to be released on iTunes.

Michelle Kirk holds a Master's Degree in Computers And Educational Technology. 

Currently only available on the Google Play store.

Welcome to the first version of NIHSUM, the game where you act as a guide that takes a new character and teaches her the ways of survival by helping her earn life skill points.

There are ten levels of play, each with increasing difficulty. Look for assistance, keep your energy level up, and do not let your time or energy run out, or you will have to start over.

Your device must have an Orientation Sensor built in for this game to work properly.

Enjoy playing NIHSUM!

Available Now On Google Play!


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